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Excursion to Chunar Fort

Tour Code - VD18

Apart from the religious & spiritual tours, we have a tour for adventure & history lovers. There are alot of historical points in Varanasi, but one of the most famous historical spot is Chunar Fort. Chunar fort is a very famous for its natural beauty, historical events, handicrafts, industrial setups and from the religious aspects as well. Chunar owes its importance from the time immemorial as tradition assigns a high antiquity to the fort of Chunar. The fort is a solid structure that stands on a rock, a detached part of the Vindhya Range was built on a commanding position.

Best Time to Visit: Anytime of the year but preferably in winters or from July to March.

Timings:    Entry - 10 am to 2 pm

                   Visiting hours - 10 am to 4 pm.

                   Opens on all days.

Main Attractions in Chunar Fort:

  • Bharthari Samadhi

  • Sonwa Mandap

  • Bawan Khambo Ki Chhatari

  • Residence of Warren Hastings

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