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Village Tour

Tour Code - VD17

Places covered:      Villages in Varanasi

Duration:            Option A     04 Hours (Lamhi or Rameshwar)

                            Option B     04 Nights/ 05 Days (Itinerary Attached)

Starts & ends:        Tour Starts at Varanasi & Ends at Varanasi

Take a break from your city life and dig deep into the heart of rural India where a land of peacefulness, farming and ancient customs still exists. You can witness the unspoiled beauty of the country and its rich culture, traditions and simple lifestyle by travelling to some great villages of Varanasi that have managed well to preserve all of it. Further, you can breathe in the fresh air, walk in the lush green grounds and spellbound at the stunning landscape.

Join us on the Village Tour to Varanasi and immerse yourself into the ancient culture and traditions of India. Our tour aims at giving boost to Village Tourism in India. Experience an amazing village life at its most pure with all the required comforts by spending few days in the Indian village, talk to the villages and peep into their daily life to have a better understanding of their livelihood, culture and customs.

Experience the real village life with us by becoming a part of our Varanasi Village Tour. Our Village tour to Varanasi will take you away from the hustle and bustle of the city and leave you with a lifetime experience. So, rush to grab the opportunity.

Feel free to get in touch at or 009- 8112328311 we will be happy to assist you.

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