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Let me introduce you to Varanasi today – Brace yourself. You’re about to enter in one of the most colorful, crowded , religious, chaotic , oldest inhabited cities of the world.Varanasi also known as “Kashi – Shiv ki Nagari” (Lord Shiva’s town) and “Benares” situated on the bank of holy river Ganga in the Uttar Pradesh.

It is the holiest of the seven sacred cities (Sapta Puri) in Hinduism, and Jainism and also played an important role in Buddhism. Some Hindus believe that death at Varanasi or cremation at Varanasi brings salvation.its ghats, temples and narrow, dingy bylanes give the spiritually oriented a mystical high.

Varanasi is very well known for its taste & delicious foods. It’s one of the world’s oldest living cities. The winding lanes lined with quaint shops and spicy eateries, lazing cows and milling crowds, lives up to that reputation. Food here blends with religion and culture. Varanasi is famous for its kachoris, chaat, lassi and, of course, paan. Here’s a pick of some favourite eateries to indulge in everything Banarasi.

"Kashi" is a place of pilgrimage & known as the religious capital of India. People come here to visit temples & to feel the Spiritualism. It is therefore no wonder that wherever you turn, you come across a temple. Some are ancient, some recent, and the others fall somewhere in between. Some are architecturally beautiful; some have an interesting history, while the others attract you simply for their sanctity. It is practically impossible to make a complete list of the temples in Kashi, and we will not even try to make that attempt. We will, therefore stick to describing the most of the seen & unseen temples we have visited, and the temples we have heard of. 

Our Legends

Apart from a religious place, Varanasi is associated with famous Personalities & Legends. Varanasi is the place of Legends. Many of the famous personality are from the land of Lord Shiva "Varanasi". "Ustad" Bismillah Khan, "Pandit" Ravi Shankar, "Pandit" Channu Lal Mishra, "Pandit" Kishan Mahraj, are very famous names are known by worldwide in the history of Legends.

Dev Deepawali is a famous Utsav celebrated every year at the holy city Varanasi. Dev Deepawali, which is also spelled as Dev Diwali, is celebrated to mark the victory of Lord Shiva over demon Tripurasur. Hence Dev Deepawali Utsav is also known as Tripurotsav which is observed on the auspicious day of Kartik Purnima.

On Dev Deepawali, devotees take a holy dip in Ganges on the auspicious day of Kartik Purnima and light earthen lamps or Diya(s) in the evening. When the dusk sets, the steps of all the Ghats on the riverfront of the Ganges are lit with millions of earthen lamps. Not only the Ghats of Ganges but also all temples of Benares are lit with millions of Diya(s).

Varanasi is known throughout India for its production of very fine silk and Banarasi saris. Silk weaving is a manufacturing industry in Varanasi. Weaving is typically done within the household, and most weavers in Varanasi are from Muslims family. Many of Varanasi's Muslims belong to a weaver community that known by the name of Ansari, which means "helper" in Arabic. For generations they have passed on their craft from father to son, hand-weaving silk on room-sized foot-powered looms. They are fashioned into Sarees worn only for special occasions; many Indian girls dream of wearing Varanasi / Banarsi silk Saree for their wedding day.

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Spiritual Capital

Spiritual Capital

Spiritual Capital
Morning Boat Ride | Real Charm of Varanasi | Varanasi Tour Package | Varanasi Destinasia

Morning Boat Ride | Real Charm of Varanasi | Varanasi Tour Package | Varanasi Destinasia

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