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Ramnagar Fort

This is the residential palace of the Maharaja of Varanasi which lies approximately 12 km southeast of Varanasi on the right hand bank of the River Ganga. Construction started in 1750 by Raja Balwant Singh when he shifted his capital from Gangapur and it was finally finished by descendant Raja Chet Singh. The fort-cum-palace rises up a sheer cliff face from the Ganga. The fort section has a massive stone gate followed by a compound interior divided into two squares. One side of the outer square accommodates all the administrative offices of the maharaja while the remaining gate leads to the actual palace. Within the palace is a temple in honour of Ved Vyas who compiled all the Vedas as well as composing the Mahabharata. Like Jantar-Mantar in Delhi, there is an astronomical clock built within which gives elaborate information regarding astrological and astronomical positions of the sun, moon, and all the Zodiac constellations. Inside the palace is also a museum which contains beautiful royal costumes belonging to the queen and firearms used in India over long battle periods - the most beautiful piece being a coach made entirely of ivory. During Dusshera and Diwali, month-long festivities of Ram-Leela take place here. The entire Ramnagar comes alive with joyous celebrations as scenes of Ram Charit Manas are enacted. It is a visual blend of spiritual, devotional and cultural scenes in which the audience participates wholeheartedly.

The tour includes a clean & comfortable, air-conditioned vehicle with cold mineral water freely available. A knowledgeable & experienced tour guide will meet you at your hotel or guesthouse and accompany you to visit Ramnagar Fort inside & out, as well as the Royal Museum, the Ved-Vyas Temple, the Ram-Leela grounds, any roadside local markets and the ancient Sumera Devi (Durga) Temple approximately 2.5 km northeast of the fort. Toll tax & parking fees are also included.   

Please Note: Do not carry important items or valuables on tour. Photographs are not allowed inside the museum, or wearing shoes a inside the temple. The fort is open for visitors from 9 a.m. to 17:00 p.m. The Sumera Devi Temple is closed from 12 midday to 3 p.m.. Museum entrance fees & temple tips are not included in this tour.

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