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Heritage Walking Tour

Tour Code - VD16

Places covered:      Varanasi (Ghats & Narrow Alleys)

Duration:                 03 to 04 Hours 

Starts & ends:        Tour Starts at Varanasi & Ends at Varanasi

Varanasi is a land of many faiths and is a myriad of colour, smells & sounds. An amalgamation of tastes and a melting pot of beautiful people set amongst an array of ancient architecture & carvings await you. It is in Varanasi that you will find all these aspects of India in absolute abundance.When passing through the residential areas, you will feel a sense of community all around you and this spirit exists in every neighborhood. People from all over India reside in the old part of Varanasi and a tour through its narrow lanes is an adventure should not be missed. You will leave with an enlightened sense of purpose and determination that you may take from this extraordinary area. On our walking tours, visitors can experience a wide range of activities and places in its many different areas. We have lots of different horizons to show our guests and each area is well known for its activities, species & specialties. Our walking tours are always theme-based walks – so let us take the opportunity to invite you to come walking with us.

Tour can be experienced anytime between 07:00-21:00. If you have any special requirements, feel free to contact. We will do our best to assist you!

If you really want to get a sense of real Varanasi the only possible way is to explore the river side and the area behind the Ganga Ghats which is setup in form of narrow and puzzled alleys. Real Varanasi lives inside the alleys which looks different than any other place found on our planet. Narrow and puzzled alleys, beautiful temples and shrines, monasteries, old buildings, cultural and religious diversity, all the major old markets, real Varanasi-food, people, cows and bulls…all is found inside the alleys which are not possible to visit by any vehicle.

Our guide will pick you up from your hotel located in Varanasi and drive near to Harishchandra Ghat [2nd Cremation Ghat], from where walking tour will start. Experience Varanasi’s ‘Life & Death’ together. Walk up to Kadedar Ghat here you will see numbers of Hindus taking their holy bath, prayer and doing rituals. From Kedar Ghat stepped into the narrow lanes of Varanasi which is with the full of life, residence, business, temples, vegetable vendors, cow & bulls. Where ever you will see most of vendors selling flower, it mean that part have some important temple. Since pilgrims comes from all part of India so small neighbourhoods exist composed for each different language and region of India. The most notable change as you transitioned between the narrow lanes.

Get down to the river side near to Ahilyabai Ghat and walk to Dasaswmedh Ghat. Take some rest their siting on the steps and experience ‘People watching’.

After taking little rest, walk along the river up to Manikarnika Ghat [Main Cremation Place]. 

After Manikarnika Ghat, walk back to parking nearby area where driver will meet you and drive back to Hotel.

Note: Do not carry important & valuable goods on tour. Photography is not permitted inside some of the temples & other sites but your guide will advise you on this in advance. Respectful attire (e.g. not shorts or plunging necklines) is recommended and may we remind you donations and temple tips are not included in this tour cost.

Package Inclusions:- 

  • Pick & Drop:  Varanasi Hotel/ Resident.

  • Guide Fee (We assign only Govt. approved tourist guide for safe & honorable tour)

  • All Transfers & S/S in private AC Vehicle

Feel free to get in touch at or 009- 8112328311 we will be happy to assist you.

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