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Religious Tour

Tour Code - VD15

Places covered:      Varanasi Temples & Spiritual Places

Duration:                 01 Full Day

Starts & ends:        Tour Starts at Varanasi & Ends at Varanasi

The pilgrim journeys are based on what is referred to as Puranic mythology and treatises - and there are up to 108 types of pilgrimage circuits depending on their association with different deities. Many of these pilgrimages have lost their specific identities and others have been transformed over time. Despite changes and the transformation of layers upon layers of history, at least 52 of these 108 different pilgrimages exist to varying degrees. Some of the pilgrimage routes represent the archetypal symbolism of Hinduism - as exemplified in the term “Kashi as Cosmo Gram”. One notable pilgrims’ route is still performed and described below.

The daily pilgrimage starts with a morning dip in the sacred River Ganga followed by a visit to worship at the famous Sri Kashi Vishwanath Temple. The pilgrimage route takes in the following added temples: Jnanavapi Mandapa, Sri Annapurna, Dhundhiraja Ganesha, Sri Kashi Vishalakhi Temple and finally, the Sri Kal Bhairava. Visits to these sites demonstrate the rich and cultural heritage of Varanasi in this holiest of cities.

Religious tours can be visited between 06:00-17:00. If you have any special requirements, please let us know. We will do our best to assist you!

The tour is headed by our knowledgeable & eco-friendly English-speaking guide who will meet you at your hotel or guesthouse and accompany you to visit a few of the important ghats. You may wish to partake of an early morning dip. After that, visits to Sri Kashi Vishwanath (or the Golden) Temple, Jnanavapi Mandapa, the Sri Annapurna Temple, Dhundhiraja Ganesha, Sri Kashi Vishalakhi Temple and finally, the Sri Kal Bhairava Temple can follow. Time-permitting, you may also wish to visit other ancient temples, e.g. Ashramas & Mathas in the old part of Varanasi.

Please Note: Do not carry important & valuable goods on tour. Photographs are not allowed inside some of the temples & other sites (our guide will advise you well in advance where not to take pictures). Respectful attire (e.g. not shorts or plunging necklines) is recommended and may we remind you donations and temple tips or vehicle for pickup & drop-off are not included in the tour cost.

Feel free to get in touch at or 009- 8112328311 we will be happy to assist you.

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